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Quint Kessenich On The NCAA Lacrosse Final Four

Quint Kessenich is a writer for the Baltimore Sun and will be covering the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament for ESPN2.

Quint joined Ed and Steve to talk about the big match-up between Johns Hopkins and Maryland tomorrow, where the winner will go to the National Championship game.

Quint started off by talking about the rivalry between Maryland and Hopkins saying "that is 100% correct, last weekend when Hopkins played Syracuse we talked about that rivalry of respect but this is different this is a rivalry of hatred and disdain where the fans root against the other team always." As for who he believes has the edge on paper in the game Quint said "Maryland is like a boxer Ed they're body punchers they want to keep it close and go 15 rounds...Hopkins did put up 15 on the great Maryland defense earlier this year." As for who he believes is the favorite of the last four teams remaining in the tournament Quint said "the Notre Dame vs Denver winner will be favored come Monday...the Notre Dame team are just animals all these guys are huge, Denver is like a hockey team a lot of Canadians and Native Americans on their team."

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