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Prosecutors Asking For Another Officer To Testify In Freddie Gray Case

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--A major move for prosecutors in the Freddie Gray trials who are now pushing to force Officer Garrett Miller to testify against his colleague Edward Nero.

It comes after the state's highest court ruled Officer William Porter will have to testify against his colleagues.

Meghan McCorkell explains.

They were the first two officers to arrest Freddie Gray after he ran from police.

Officers Miller and Nero both face assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct charges.

Now, in a motion obtained by WJZ, prosecutors seek to compel Officer Miller to testify against Nero.

A move in which Miller's attorneys will likely object.

"You don't have a lot of room to stand on given that the court of appeals just ruled on an almost identical case," said legal analyst Adam Ruther.

Last month, Maryland's Highest Court ordered Officer William Porter to testify against his colleagues despite his upcoming retrial.

Prosecutors previously hadn't said they planned to call any of the other officers, but with the high court ruling legal analyst Adam Ruther says prosecutors could use this tactic throughout the trials.

"Now that they know that it's a tool in their tool kit they may want to make more use of it," says Ruther.

The ruling could also make waves past the Freddie Gray trials.

Officer Nero is set to go on trial May 10th.

The appeals court has not yet released its written opinion in the Porter case.

That written ruling is expected to be released by September.

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