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Professional "Card-Stacker" Visits Horseshoe Casino

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- We're about to introduce you to a man who makes a living with playing cards. He's not a gambler but, as Mike Schuh reports, he makes a good living traveling to the world's casinos.

They're in the business of keeping the cards moving and making chips stack up. But near the front door, "stacking" means something different.

Bryan Berg says he's a little clumsy---curious, considering he's a Guinness World Record Holder for stacking cards. He's here making buildings we all know: Camden Yards, Bank of America tower, M&T Bank Stadium and more.

"The Baltimore Aquarium with two insanely difficult roofs to build," Berg said.

No tape, no glue, no folding---no kidding.

A Harvard-trained architect, it's taken him 20 years to get this good.

"So the weight of this ace right here will pretty much hold it in place when it wants to fall," he said. "I can also pull this one off and it's not going to matter."

If one collapses, he'd rebuild it in two hours. It's what he does.

Traveling the world building these is his only job and he makes as much as if he owned an architectural firm. He loves new challenges. But he had to take a break when the aquarium's slanted roofs kept falling.

"It was kind of maddening and I don't normally have days like that. Most of the time when I'm working...if I put cards up, they stay," he said.

Berg is still on the job. He's at the casino until Thursday. Still on his construction list: the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

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