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520K Marylanders Apply For Mail-In Ballot As Applications Arrive To Voters

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- The November 3 General Election Day is now less than two months away.

Maryland's Board of Elections approved Friday more local voting plans, for an election unlike any other.

Gov. Hogan this summer opted for an in-person general election, but asked the Maryland Board of Elections to send mail-in ballot applications to all voters.

The deadline to register is October 13, though Maryland does have same-day registration at the polls.

Requests for a mail-in ballot must be received by October 20, two weeks before the general election.

As of Friday, more than 520,000 Marylanders requested a ballot be sent to them.

On Tuesday, Gov. Hogan criticized the board for delays in getting those applications to voters.

"We said they needed to mail these ballots out. It took them eight weeks," the governor said. "I don't know why, but finally they're out. But I'm concerned about crowded polls, and them not responding fast enough."

Elections Vice-Chair PJ Hogan -- of no relation to Gov. Hogan -- defended the board's due diligence.

"You're talking about printing and mailing almost four million applications," he said. "That doesn't happen overnight. They have gone out and I'm hearing left and right that people have received theirs."

Maryland's Board of Public Works this week approved purchases of an additional 202 ballot drop off boxes, and additional face masks and gloves for election judges and staff.

Locations of drop boxes will be distributed with ballots.

It appears now the state has enough election judges, though they're still encouraging those interested to sign up.

The board expects to approve Baltimore City's voting center locations next week.

To request a ballot, click here for more information.

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