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Pride Of Baltimore II Leaves Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Pride of Baltimore II is on its way to sea. The city's floating goodwill ambassador will travel up the East Coast to the Great Lakes.

WJZ was on board for the departure and Alex DeMetrick has more on the Pride's first voyage in three years.

Tuesday is day one of a four month voyage for the Pride of Baltimore.

It takes muscles and a lot of rope to move 19th century technology. It also helps not to have a fear of heights. But this is exactly what the crew for the Pride of Baltimore II signed up for.

"Our crew are all professionals. They come from all over the country. They're here on Pride because of a professional development interest," said Captain Jan Miles.

Expanding their seamanship isn't the Pride's main mission.

"We're planning on having commerce, MPA and other businesses actually utilize the vessel in other ports to attract clients and hopefully prompt some business for the state of Maryland," said Pride of Baltimore Executive Director Rick Scott.

This is the first such voyage in three years and, as she salutes Baltimore a farewell, the Pride will sail the Great Lakes to drum up business---especially tourism.

"you can go all the way to Duluth, all the way to Green Bay, all the way to Chicago," Miles said.

And the rigging carrying the Pride away will also take it to Canada.

"When we were in Toronto in 2013, we had 10,000 people lined up to cross her deck in a weekend. It's amazing; she's so visually strong," Scott said.

"We represent the National Anthem because that's how we got it with these vessels that were only developed in the Chesapeake Bay, only in Baltimore," Miles said.

Depending on wind and weather, the Pride will return to Baltimore in early October. It's estimated the Pride will travel at least 8,000 miles during its voyage.

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