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President Obama Unveils Budget, Touts Education At Parkville Middle School

PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) -- President Barack Obama put Parkville Middle in the spotlight Monday as he unveiled his $3.7 trillion spending plan.

Mary Bubala reports the presidential motorcade arrived at Parkville Middle and the Center of Technology just after 10 a.m. Monday. 

Soon after, President Obama appeared in a classroom, giving a nine-minute speech focused on reducing the deficit but not at the expense of crippling our chances of competing in a global economy.

"Right now, this school, Parkville, is preparing our kids for the jobs and careers for the 21st century," Obama said.

Obama Speaks To Reporters:

Parkville Middle School is an institution that focuses on science, technology, engineering and math.

"I am told the most popular subject at this school is engineering and that's important because today, the most common educational background for America's top business leaders isn't economics, it's not finance and it's not even business.  It's engineering," Obama said.

In the days ahead, Obama will use what he learned at Parkville Middle and the Center of Technology to persuade lawmakers to support his budget plan, which trims or eliminates 200 federal programs, pledging $2.1 trillion in deficit savings over the next decade.

"We are going to have to get serious about cutting back on those things that are nice to have but that we can do without.  That's what families across the country do every day: they live within their means but they invest in their futures.  It's time we did the same thing as a country," Obama said.

President Obama spent about 45 minutes in all at Parkville Middle.  He headed back to the White House for closed door budget meetings after pledging to work with lawmakers of both parties on the budget.

Obama Meets Students:

Mary Bubala Reports:

Jessica Kartalija has more on the excitement of the president's visit.

It was an incredible day to be an eighth-grader in Parkville.  President Obama visited a science class and then addressed a group of students and allowed them to ask questions in the school cafeteria.

Far from an ordinary school day, students arrived at Parkville Middle overflowing with excitement.

"I can't wait to meet the president," said one student.

"He had a dental appointment today and I canceled it because I thought it was a really big privilege and he should be here for this," said one parent.

"It was kind of overwhelming.  It wasn't a big deal until he got there and was there," said one student.

The biggest surprise for students and staff was just how nice and at ease the president was.  They said it was like he had been to the school before and made everyone feel very comfortable.

"Very personable, very charismatic and very down to earth.  We shared a few comments about my background and the background of the school," said principal Buddy Parker.

"When he walked in, he was like, 'Hey everybody,' like he had known us forever," said one student.

Parents say they couldn't be more pleased, calling the president's visit inspiring.

"It's fabulous and we're delighted to have him here," said one parent.

Everyone learned of Obama's visit on Friday for security reasons.

Jessica Kartalija Reports:

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