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Frog Logs Give Frogs And Other Creatures A Way Out Of The Pool

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's easy for frogs to get into swimming pools, but getting them out can be a little more complicated.

Just ask Jeff and Lisa Robertson.

"We didn't have frogs for the first four or five years, and then in just one year, they exploded," Jeff Robertson said. "We had almost 60 frogs one day, 30 dead and 29 still swimming around."

When their friend Rich Mason heard about it, the wildlife biologist decided to help.

"If you're an animal lover and you have a pool, it's a tough thing to watch things die in your pool," Mason said.

Mason has designed a device he calls "The Frog Log."

He brought frogs to the Robertson's pool to show how it works. A weight holds the ramp to the side of the pool, and the frogs instinctively find the float.

"If you give animals a way out, most of them will find it," Mason said.

What started out as a hobby to help a friend, has turned into a booming business. He now sells thousands of Frog Logs every year.

"It solves a problem for the pool owners and it also helps the wildlife," Mason said.

"When he started telling us he was selling them overseas, it's pretty amazing for something he made in his garage," Robertson said.

Robertson says the frogs aren't always in a hurry to leave.

"They go under the strap and they hide in the shade, so they use it as their little house 'til they want to go swimming again," he said.

Or until they're ready to climb out with The Frog Log.

For more information about the Frog Log CLICK HERE.

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