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Police Search For The Killer Involved In A Church Homicide

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --  Today was the first Sunday service held since the murder of 69-year-old Evelyn Player.

WJZ spoke with the pastor of Southern Baptist Church who says it's time we all come together to prevent tragedies like this from happening again.

"It was a very tragic and traumatizing occurrence that happened here at our church," said Donte Hickman, pastor of Southern Baptist Church.

A community and church still mourning the loss of 69-year-old Evelyn Player.

"It really caused so much despair within our church, knowing that Evelyn was a great person," said Hickman.

A mother, grandmother and dedicated member of Southern Baptist Church.

"I've been just moving, trying to keep moving ... (but to )but I find myself sometimes with overwhelming sadness and tears," said Hickman.

Pastor Donte Hickman reflects on Player's selfless character.

"A lot of people come to take, but Evelyn was one that gave, even until to her death, and that's a void we will definitely feel for the days and months and years to come," said Hickman.

Sunday the first church service was held since her murder.

"Nobody could have ever expected that something like this would occur even in the house of God," said Hickman.

Player was found stabbed to death inside the bathroom of the East Baltimore church Tuesday.

Police say she showed up at the church early that morning to let contractors inside the building.

"She did not deserve for this to have happened to her," said Hickman.

Mayor Brandon Scott condemned the brazen act.

"Think about the lack of care and life that someone has to do to a senior in a church," said Scott.

As detectives continue their investigation into a person of interest, pastor Hickman shared a message for church-goers Sunday.

"That it becomes even more evident and obvious that the church must continue to work within the community, to restore people," said Hickman.

And for the person responsible for Evelyn Player's death, he had this to say:

"We pray for you and we pray for other people like you who are victims of that kind of evil yourself," said Hickman.

Pastor Hickman says they are seeking grief counseling to help cope with Player's murder.

Governor Larry Hogan is also offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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