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Police Patrols Try To Deter Baltimore's 'Squeegee Kids' From Working At City Intersections

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore police are patrolling the intersections where "squeegee kids" normally conduct business.

Each police district is responsible for manning the intersections in their districts that are regularly used to conduct business.

If the district doesn't have enough staff to man the corners, then bike patrol, traffic enforcement officers or SWAT will assist.

Late Friday, police called to inform WJZ that if SWAT officers are assigned to this detail, they would not be acting in a SWAT capacity.

Normally the squeegee kids gather at intersections and offer to clean car windows for payment. However, there have been several reported incidents where the kids have allegedly gotten aggressive with drivers -- sometimes attacking them or their vehicles.


Some in Baltimore have said the squeegee kids deter tourism, while others have said the kids just need a chance to get a real job or get involved in activities.

But it's not just drivers who are getting hurt -- there was an where a squeegee boy was struck by a vehicle.

It's not the first time city officials have tried to deter "squeegee kids."

The Downtown Partnership patrolled areas near the Inner Harbor after several incidents were reported last fall.

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