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Police Officer Allegedly Threatens Neighbor With Gun In Maryland

BROOKYLN, Md. (WJZ)—A Police Sergeant with the State of Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations is facing multiple assault charges after he allegedly pulled a gun on a family, including two children under 2, last weekend in Brooklyn, Maryland.

Police say they responded to the 100 block of Camrose Ave. after they received reports of a man assaulting a boy on his bicycle. At that address, police located 44-year-old Freddie Puryear, an officer with the State of Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations.

According to charging documents, Puryear allegedly assaulted a boy on his bike because he believed the boy was taking pictures of his property. The victim reported he was riding on his bike while speaking on his cell phone when Puryear came out of his home on Camrose. The victim says Puryear yelled at him and accusing him of taking pictures of his property and vehicles.

Puryear then pushed him twice and then the victim  pedaled away from the property, according to the report. Puryear disputed those claims telling police there was never any physical altercation.

While police were conducting their investigation at Puryear's home, another family was traveling back to their home on the same block. When they saw a police vehicle blocking the road, they decide to go to the store and then return home later.

Police say when they returned, the victims saw Puryear standing in front of his home on Camrose Ave. they asked Puryear if everything was OK. Authorities say Puryear allegedly pulled a weapon, described as a black handgun, and told the family inside the car to, "Put your hands where I can see them."

Inside that car was a man, his 1-year-old and 2-year-old children, and his girlfriend, police said.

According to charging documents, the man goes to grab his cell phone when Puryear moves closer to the vehicle and brings the gun to the man's head.

With a gun to his ear, the victim tells Puryear that he's calling the police.

Police say the family was able to leave the scene as Puryear backed off the vehicle.

Authorities later learned that this was there second response to Puryear's home on the 100 block of Camrose Ave on July 25.

In both incidents police say Puryear appeared to be "highly intoxicated," "glass bloodshot eyes," and "slurring his speech."

Police say Puryear who was hard to understand, stated "I drew down on the Mustang." Police say the term "drawing down" means pulling your firearm out on someone.

Authorities seized 13 firearms from the residence, including a firearm that matched the description that was pointed at the family inside the car.

Puryear was arrested and charged with 4 counts of first degree assault, 5 counts of second degree assault, 4 counts of reckless endangerment and one count of use of a firearm during felony.

Captain Harold Williams of the State of Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulations responded to the scene and took possession of Puryear's departmental firearm, his issued identification and badges.


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