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Witnesses: Suspect Told To 'Stop' Multiple Times In Reisterstown Fatal Shooting

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) – New details emerge of the police involved shooting that left one man dead.

Amy Yensi reports for WJZ.

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Police were called to the Nature Care pharmacy near Main Street after the suspect passed a phony prescription for Promethazine Plus Codeine.

When the officer found the suspect on the scene, officials described it as an up close and personal altercation. They say the suspect was not armed, but acted as if he had a weapon.

Detectives obtained video evidence from nearby businesses that captured the confrontation, and the footage shows the suspect aggressively moving toward the officer.

Investigators spent hours looking through surveillance video from nearby businesses, which they say shows exactly what happened.

"The officer is retreating with his gun drawn when the suspect whips his hand out from behind his back as if to point a weapon," officials say, according to the video.

The confrontation started just before 5 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The officer fired his gun after the suspect made the aggressive gesture, and the suspect continued to reach for his waistband while on the ground after being shot.

"We are absolutely confident that this officer behaved exactly as he should have," officials said.

Witnesses told detectives that they heard the officer repeatedly giving the suspect commands to "stop," and that they heard the suspect shouting profanities at the officer.

"We heard the gunshots," said Jessie Issa, who was near the scene at Mondo Pizza & Bar. "We heard the gunshots, and we walked outside and smelled the gunpowder."

Police say there was no weapon found.

The suspect was taken to the Northwest Hospital after being shot three times by the officer. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Narcotics detectives confirm that the suspect tried to obtain Promethazine plus Codeine at the Nature Care pharmacy, which is a narcotic cough syrup, often combined with alcohol to produce a "high."

The suspect's identity will not be released until his relatives are notified, and the officer's name will be held until Friday.

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