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Md. Man Named As Suspect In DC Quadruple Homicide

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- A Maryland man has been named as a suspect in the murder of four people in DC. Police are searching for 34-year-old Daron Wint (pictured below) in the quadruple killing of a prominent family and their housekeeper.

Daron Wint

Police sources say one of the victims may have been tortured and whomever is behind the chilling crime got away with tens of thousands of dollars.

Mike Hellgren has the new developments---including the last recorded words of the prominent executive.

There are a number of leaks coming from police---among them that Savvas Savapoulos' son, the youngest victim, was tortured.

Police sources reveal Savvas Savapoulos, his wife Amy, their 10-year-old son Philip and housekeeper Vera Figueroa died horrific deaths, with the adults likely bound and doused in gasoline. Philip was tortured as the killer or killers held the family captive inside their $5 million mansion in Washington DC.

"Anytime there's a child involved, it really affects all of us," said Washington DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Savvas Savapoulos ran American Iron Works, a company based in Maryland that assists in large construction projects. According to published reports, his assistant dropped off $40,000 at at the home, not knowing what was going on behind the walls. The cash was not enough to save the victims; the home was set ablaze just hours later.

"Everybody, rightfully so, is scared. They want us to say either the person is known or this was not a random crime. I just don't have answers to that yet," Lanier said.

WJZ has learned the mansion had an extensive security network, including video cameras on the second floor, where police found the bodies.

The only video police released of a person of interest comes from a security camera behind a catering business in New Carrollton. It's just a few feet away from where the family's car was found torched.

The family's other housekeeper reported getting a series of strange text messages and calls asking her not to come in. ABC News obtained one of the voicemails, perhaps the last recorded words of Savvas Savapoulos.

"It's Savvas. Amy is in bed sick. Vera offered to stay and help her out," the voicemail said.

According to other published reports, those behind the extortion plot had a pizza delivered to the mansion as they held the family captive, just hours before the sadistic scheme came to a deadly end.

Lanier says the fire made collecting evidence more difficult and her investigators will continue gathering clues at the scene for the next week or more.

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