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Plane Lands Safely After Hitting Bird

BALTIMORE (WJZ) ---Flight emergency on a Southwest Airlines flight headed into BWI. The plane suffers a bird strike over Anne Arundel County, causing panic among people who saw it form the ground.

Christie Ileto has the details.

It's another scare in the air Friday night, but again fortunately that flight landed safely at BWI.

Photos were posted on Facebook by passengers who were on Southwest Airlines flight #3118 from San Antonio.

A burst of fire is what prompted an emergency landing of a plane carrying 142 passengers. The plane hit a bird midair creating a jarring feeling for those on board.

A WJZ viewer so the air strike from his home near BWI and describes the scene as terrifying.

"It rumbled my house I know that much. She was low and she was on fire. She had flames coming from underneath and on the sides. She was burning. It sounded like a carburetor, a racing car misfiring, sputtering... that's what it sound like and it rocked the house once she went over top," Glenn Young said.

BWI Airport Fire Department with the help of Anne Arundel County fire emergency crews were on scene when that plane landed. The aircraft has been taken out of service to be inspected and those passengers on board headed to Detroit were put on another aircraft, but the big news in all of this is that that plane again did land safely at BWI.

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