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Pit Bull Rescued In Dog Fighting Bust Gets Maryland Forever Home

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- It's a new beginning for a pit bull rescued in a huge dog fighting bust. She survived horrific conditions. Now she finally meets her new family.

Linh Bui has her story.

More than 400 dogs were rescued in that bust. We have one of their stories, which will now have a happy ending.

Little Addison has come a long way. In August, she was one of hundreds of pit bulls rescued in the second largest dog fighting bust in U.S. history.

"Five months ago, she was an emaciated dog on a chain with zero socialization and very little hope," said Kate Callahan, co-founder, Jasmine's House.

The dogs came from Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Now, they're ready for adoption, and some have made their way to Maryland.

"They obviously need homes. They don't know any life other than what they've been used to, which is short of torture," said Duke Speed, adopting dog.

The doggy door and food and water bowls are ready. Sunday, Duke and Kim Speed added a new member to their family.

They adopted Addison through the Baltimore area rescue group Jasmine's House.

"She's in need of a good home, and we're in need of her," Kim Speed said.

Jasmine's House still has two other dogs in need--Campbelle and Rudy. Both are in foster homes, waiting to be adopted.

Meantime, Addison's future is bright.

"She has a really high potential to perform work as a therapy dog. And we would like her to participate in our humane education school program in Baltimore City," Callahan said.

She's happy, healthy, and now, has her forever home.

"We want her memory to forget everything in the past and start fresh and have her new life," said Kim Speed.

If you're interested in adopting a dog, click here.

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