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Patriots Team Headlines: Tom Brady Has An Open-Ended Contract And Gronk Still Not Out Of Concussion Protocol

By Danny Cox

As if the media week leading up to the Super Bowl wasn't enough stress, Tom Brady walked out of a radio interview earlier this week after confronting one of the hosts. The confrontation was in regards to an earlier comment in which WEEI host Alex Reimer called Brady's five-year-old daughter an annoying "pissant" in her appearance in Brady's "Tom vs. Time" documentary. While obviously protective of his daughter and justified in his anger, Brady told the media on Monday that he doesn't wish for the radio host to be fired. 

Tom Brady has earned the right to decide when he chooses to retire

Brady has spent his entire NFL career with the New England Patriots and it looks as if that is where he's going to stay. The 40-year-old led the NFL in passing yards in 2017 and he doesn't seem to be slowing down at all, but when are the Pats going to start looking for his replacement?

If Patriots president Robert Kraft is serious, he's not going to start searching for his next quarterback until Tom Brady chooses to retire.

"I think [he] has earned the right to have that be a decision he makes when he wants to make it," said Kraft.

Kraft simply said that he can't really envision any type of situation in which he would have to tell his quarterback to retire. Brady is still playing at an extremely high level and he is smart enough to know when it is time to call it a career. He may wait until that time arrives or he may simply decide that he's done with the game, but that will be up to him.

Kraft continued, "Our intent is we have the best people in their respective positions and we keep them here for a very long time."

Rob Gronkowski still in NFL concussion protocol after first practice

In the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered a concussion that knocked him out of the contest. Many expected him to be fully healed up and ready to go by the Super Bowl since there was an extra week of rest before it arrived. As of the team's first official practice on Wednesday, head coach Bill Belichick said Gronk was still in the league's concussion protocol.

On Tuesday, the star tight end said he believed he was close to clearing protocol, but it simply didn't happen on Wednesday. Gronkowski was in pads for practice, but he was limited in any participation and did not speak to the media after it was over.

For now, the Patriots are moving ahead with the idea that he will be cleared to play in Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Still, they're preparing any sort of backup plan needed if the league doctors don't allow Gronk out of concussion protocol and he isn't able to suit up.

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