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Patriots Team Headlines: Update On Gronk, Pats Wearing Road Jerseys

By Danny Cox

During the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, tight end Rob Gronkowski took a pretty big shot to the helmet and was knocked out of the contest. He ended up missing the entire second half of the game, which ended with a comeback victory by the Patriots and a trip to the Super Bowl. But how is he doing now?

On Monday, Gronk was at the Patriots facility, but he was still not present in the locker room when reporters arrived. His chair had already been folded up at his locker and the star player was gone. Wide receiver Matthew Slater did acknowledge that he spoke with Gronkowski and his teammate was said to be in "pretty good spirits."

So far, the speculation is that Gronkowski exited the game against the Jaguars with a concussion, but the Patriots have yet to officially confirm that. After taking the hit, Gronk was seen wobbling back and forth as he tried to stand and walk, and that led to the team taking him off the field and to the locker room.

The first news of any team injuries for the Super Bowl practice weeks is required by Wednesday.

Pats choose white road jerseys for Super Bowl matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles

The Patriots are looking to be the clear-cut favorites to win Super Bowl LII over the Philadelphia Eagles, and with the overall better record, they are considered the home team in the big game. As the home team, the Patriots have the right to determine which jerseys they'll wear for the big game, and they've decided against their traditional home blue jerseys. Instead, New England will wear the white jerseys while the Eagles are scheduled to wear green when the two teams clash in Minnesota.

If you're someone who believes in superstitions and luck, you may agree with the Pats' decision to don their road uniforms for the big game. Looking back through the history of Super Bowl appearances by the Patriots, the white jerseys have brought much better luck to the team. The team is 0-1 when wearing the red jerseys, 2-2 in the blue jerseys, and 3-1 in the white jerseys for an overall Super Bowl record of 5-4. Other teams have had success outfitted in white jerseys as well. In the last 13 seasons, the team wearing white jerseys has won the Super Bowl an insane 12 times for a win percentage of 92 percent.

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