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Orioles royalty joins Baltimore sports analytics company focused on flourishing betting scene

Orioles royalty joins Baltimore sports analytics company focused on flourishing betting scene
Orioles royalty joins Baltimore sports analytics company focused on flourishing betting scene 03:26

BALTIMORE -- Football fans are invested in the game more than ever, and it's an investment beyond emotions, it's money.

Sports betting is now a mainstream billion-dollar business. The ads are everywhere and the enticement to play is powerful.

Enter a Baltimore company whose goal is to help the sports bettor win at wagering. That company- Alloy Sports- includes a proven winner in Major League Baseball: Orioles Hall of Famer Mike Bordick.

Bordick played 15 seasons of big league baseball, and throughout his career, he relied on stats and data to improve his probability for success -- playing for two world series teams.

Bordick's new team is Alloy Sports - he's joined Baltimore stats researcher Brad Kronthal in a newly launched online tool for bettors that uses millions of data points and historical outcomes to help wagerers customize betting strategies. Helping them to compute the best bets in an effort to optimize success.

Bordick's not a gambler himself, but he is a believer in the power of information - now applicable to sports wagering through this local company.

"I felt honored to be a part of that process," Bordick said. "Here they are now, newbies kinda in the field but an incredible application in the gambling space, a research-based product that I think is going to help so many gamblers enhance their bets, give themselves more opportunity to be in more control of their own destiny, if you will."

"It's so much fun and to be working with Mike Bordick has been such a pleasure and an honor really," Kronthal said. "He pushes us really every day. Him being in the baseball space, but he's so analytically inclined as well. So just being in the sports space is so much fun, having my background in that in a production role, now being in analytics and data role, it just really continues to evolve and be so much fun."

The real fun is a winning wager, and the purpose of the Alloy app is to build better odds for a potentially winning strategy

"So all of a sudden your win percentage comes up and it says 62, well hmm, I'd like to try a little bit better at that," Bordick said. "You can adjust your algorithms, you can kind of play with it - like I said game-ify it - which is kind of cool and I think bettors will appreciate that and certainly give themselves a better chance to win some money."

Kronthal is hopeful bettors will recognize the potential of the app to aid in their wagers. 

"It's really just stats and numbers," he said. "We build the tool where you can come in in 30 seconds or less, and build a winning formula that's hit over 60% of the time. Stuff that would've taken hours, weeks, months or maybe even years in the past to do especially if you wanted to do it on your own. We condensed that into one, easy-to-use mobile app where you can do it every day, multiple times a day and do it in under a minute."

Alloy's focus is football, for now, but soon to expand to basketball data for NBA wagers.

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