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Orioles Need Tillman Healthy, Davis To Keep Crushin'

Joining Rob and Ken this morning was Brittany Ghiroli talking about the series against the Nationals, the pitching rotation without Chris Tillman and more.

The Orioles this season are 20-6 when Tillman starts and one game under .500 when he doesn't. While Kevin Gausman and Dylan Bundy have shown their progress lately, the Baltimore rotation badly needs Tillman for the upcoming stretch.

So what can the Orioles do in the meantime with players like Wade Miley and Ubaldo Jimenez stepping up?

Ghiroli said, "I think the key for them is, especially without Tillman, just hold on that rotation, go five, maybe six innings and more often than not this lineup is going to come through. So they just need guys like Wade Miley to go out and eat some innings, not totally wreck the bullpen, and I think they're going to be happy with that."

Chris Davis is back on his hot streak and Ghiroli says, "they have to hope, especially now without Tillman, with their starting pitching on the rocks, that having a guy like Davis... he's such a big, strong guys, that when he gets going, when he gets confident, you really have a tough time stopping him and that's what you're seeing right now."

Hear even more as the guys get updates on more from Brittany Ghiroli from

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