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Orioles Insider Brittany Ghiroli Discusses Trade Deadline

Orioles Insider from Brittany Ghiroli joined the Norris and Davis show to discuss the Orioles game last night against the Astros and trade news from across the league.

Brittany Ghiroli

Ed started out by asking Brittany how big it is that Davis is back on track. She said it is huge for him mentally. He was visibly more comfortable yesterday and this will get him back on track. They are going to need a bat like Davis to get hot.

Steve asked Ghiroli about Chen shaky start. She said that he was able to settle down and shake off that inning. Chen cruised after that third inning and having that injury and missing that time might actually help him because he is going to be fresh down the stretch. He threw a career high 119 pitches last night.

Ed then asked the Insider about the steal of home. Ghiroli said that it was Chen zoning in on the batter and spacing out. He said after the game that he was embarrassed about it and it is something that he needs to be aware about.

Steve asked about what the players were saying after the game about Davis needing a DH role as a mental break. She said that the team has not gotten a lot of production out of that spot so it was nice to see some home run power out of the DH role. He will DH a little more down the stretch to keep him fresh.

Ed then asked about the trade deadline. Ghiroli said that for Bud Norris the Astros are asking for Britton plus a couple other prospects. Is it really worth it? Is Norris the answer? There are a lot of questions in that regard. We will find out today.

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