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Former Orioles All-Star Adam Jones on Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Orioles rebuild

Former Orioles All-Star Adam Jones promotes baseball museum in Kansas City during Black History Mont
Former Orioles All-Star Adam Jones promotes baseball museum in Kansas City during Black History Mont 00:47

BALTIMORE -- Former Orioles All-Star Adam Jones steps to the plate during Black History Month to promote the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City.

Jones spoke with WJZ about the rich history on display that chronicles the great players who, during segregation, were not allowed to play in the Major Leagues.

"Obviously, we know the story of Jackie Robinson. There's so many other great stories of African Americans that paved the way for other players. So, I got to learn that first hand. We all know Cooperstown, but Negro Leagues Museum has just the same amount of importance, I believe, for Major League Baseball and I'm glad that the collaboration has been a success, and there's still more work to do," Jones said.

Jones interviewed Negro League Museum president Bob Kendrick on his podcast, "The Adam Jones Podcast" for our media partner, The Baltimore Banner.

Jones also spoke about spring training and some big expectations for the Orioles.

Jones helped lead the Birds back to the playoffs in 2012 after a 14-year absence. 

The former center fielder praised Mike Elias' rebuilding the organization. 

He said that because of the budding young stars, teams will be taking the Orioles will have the attention of the entire league.

"Just a lot of talent. Now with that comes a bullseye," Jones said. "They proved last year they can play with the big dogs. They're not afraid of New York and Boston and Houston. They played Houston the best out of anybody in the whole league. It proved that although they're young they're not afraid."

With a crop of young stars both on the Major League club and throughout the minors, Jones thinks the team has the chance to do some special things in the future.

"They have a window now," Jones said. "Not just a one-year window, they have a multi-year window and it's gonna be fun over the next few years to see how they spend it."

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