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'Opportunity to relax': Morgan State regroups with day of 'Wellness'

'Opportunity to relax': Morgan State regroups with day of 'Wellness'
'Opportunity to relax': Morgan State regroups with day of 'Wellness' 02:07

BALTIMORE - Morgan State University students are back in the classroom after a "Wellness Day."

The college takes two days per semester where there are no assignments, papers due or exams.

The purpose is to relieve stress while encouraging students to take care of themselves and others.

For many students, college is stressful. Some students are juggling classes and extracurricular activities.

COVID-19 pandemic then multiplied that anxiety.

Morgan State leaders started these "Wellness Day."

Morgan State works with the National Alliance of Mental Illness and has events throughout the year to promote conversations surrounding mental health. 

"We know that the intersectionality of mental wellness and academic success is there, so leadership thought it would be a good idea for us to have wellness days to make sure our students, as well as faculty, maintain a sense of wellness so they can thrive," said Dr. Sonya Clyburn, Director of Morgan State's Counseling Center.

Maintaining a sense of Wellness has recently become an intentional focus for some.

"My sophomore year, my mental health wasn't there," student Imane Wicks said. "I just make sure I'm choosing me first, not putting others before me, making sure I'm OK."

The wellness days provide a golden opportunity for students to recharge their batteries.

"As a student leader, I'm involved in so many things on campus," student Ashlyn Wilson said. "A lot of times I don't get a break from school, I don't get a break from being a leader over my organizations. This day for me is no classwork, it's no school, it's nothing. I have the opportunity to relax."

The next planned Wellness Day at Morgan State will be on Nov. 23. 

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