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On The Job: WJZ Anchor Linh Bui Is A Firefighter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- You're used to seeing them every morning on WJZ behind the anchor desk.

But this week, Linh Bui and Nicole Baker are taking on new roles -- trying a variety of jobs around the city!

In their "On The Job" series around Baltimore, we see if Linh and Nicole can handle these jobs.

On Monday, they took on the care of the penguins at The Maryland Zoo. They cleaned the penguin's rooms, prepared their breakfast and fed them.

On Tuesday, Nicole learned what it takes to be a successful Zumba instructor and taught her own class at the Merritt Athletic Club!

On Wednesday, Linh visited local java joint "Order & Chaos" to learn how to be a barista.

On Thursday Nicole made pizza at Slice in White Marsh.

Finally on Friday, Linh learned how hard it is to be a firefighter.




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