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Omicron Has The Potential To Be The Dominant Variant

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- All eyes are on the omicron variant. While it isn't the dominant variant yet, experts say we could be heading in that direction.

While the delta variant remains the dominant strain, health experts warn Omicron has the potential to spread fast.

"What is pretty clear is this variant seems to have the ability to displace Delta as the dominant variant and in so doing, it tells us as fast as delta was spreading over the summer and fall, Omicron may be just as formidable," said Dr. Cameron Webb, Senior Advisor for Equity, COVID-19 Response Team.

With more than 1000 people currently hospitalized from coronavirus in the state, health officials are still waiting to see the severity of the disease Omicron will cause. Dr. Webb says the vaccines are showing promise in fighting Omicron.

"I think the early indication with the vaccines is that, especially with boosters, there's still some significant degree of antibody production against the Omicron variant," said Webb.

Dr. Webb said if more people get vaccinated, it could help future variants.

"If the virus had less places to go, less people in whom to replicate, that's less opportunities to create variants," said Webb.

In turn, helping us get through this pandemic faster.

"If every community really rallies together to accomplish that, this virus is going to have nowhere to go," said Webb.

Here in Maryland 90 percent of adults are at least partially vaccinated. Governor Hogan is now focusing on the remaining 10 percent.

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