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O'Malley, Mikulski Attend Cyber-Security Launch At UMBC

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Some call it Maryland's Silicon Valley. It's a new cyber-technology park at the University Of Maryland Baltimore County.

And as Gigi Barnett explains, it's a hub for starter companies that may become big employers.

More cyber-security jobs in Maryland. It's a goal at the top of a five-year economic plan for the state. It's why the University Of Maryland Baltimore County opened a new cyber-research and technology park Thursday.

It's called BWTECH at UMBC.

State leaders toured the hub. It's a place for young companies to break into the businesses.

"These are entrepreneurs who are starting companies, getting people with jobs and with great talent. It brings brain power to Maryland," said Freeman Hrabowski, UMBC president.

And the state says those jobs -- many of them in cyber-security -- will stay.

"These jobs are really to protect the United States of America, whether it's dot-military or dot-com. Therefore, they cannot be outsourced to another country," said Sen. Barbara Mikulski, (D) Maryland.

"We've got to protect ourselves from hostile foreign powers who want to steal our secrets," said Rebecca Goldstein, who is studying math at UMBC.          

The BWTECH Park is so close to campus to attract students to careers that are shaping the state's future.

"This whole thing has been a fabulous experience," Goldstein said. "It just broadened my mind, made me aware that there are so many companies working together to protect America."

Of the 72 companies at the BWTECH Park, 16 of them are cyber-security companies, and the state plants to add more.

Over the next five years, Governor O'Malley plans to boost the number of cyber-security jobs in the state.

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