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Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines On Michael Phelps Returning To Competitive Swimming

U.S. Olympic Hall Of Famer, three-time Olympic gold medalist and a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame, Rowdy Gaines has enjoyed a successful competitive swimming career. Rowdy now works for NBC Sports and ESPN.

Rowdy joined Ken and Steve to discuss the return of Michael Phelps to competitive swimming after a short retirement.

Rowdy Gaines On The Return Of Michael Phelps

Rowdy starts off by saying that Michael Phelps is too much of a competitor and too young to not come back. Rowdy thinks that Phelps still has a lot left in the tank and retirement didn't make sense to him when he can still compete and add more medals to his collection.

Steve asks if it's a big deal that Phelps hasn't competed in swimming in a while and if that's a bad or good thing? Rowdy says that he thinks if anything, the break is a good thing for Phelps' body. When he trained and swam as much as he did his body was somewhat tired and the break allowed his body to recover but there is absolutely nothing to worry about and it is not a big deal at all that he took a break.

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