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Old Bay Vodka Is A Real Spirit Hitting Shelves Later This Month

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Marylanders love their Old Bay, sprinkling the seasoning on crabs (duh!), French fries, pasta, popcorn and just about everything. It's even included in some flavors of ice cream.

Now, the state's favorite spice is getting its own vodka, joining the popular hot sauce offshoot.

Old Bay Vodka, a collaboration between George's Beverage Company, McClintock Distilling and spice-maker McCormick, is set to hit liquor store shelves and bar displays later this month.

The vodka is made with corn and distilled at McClintock six times "for maximum purity and smoothness," the companies say on the liquor's dedicated website.

Greg David, co-owner of the Hanover-based George's Beverage Company, has already incorporated Old Bay into a Bloody Marry mix.

"We're thrilled to work with George's to bring the one-of-a-kind flavor of Old Bay to fans in entirely new, exciting, and innovative ways," said Jill Pratt, chief marketing excellence officer at McCormick.

So how should you enjoy Old Bay Vodka?

The makers have a page of recipes for both cocktails, including an Old Bay Vodka Ginger Spritz, "The Bay" Martini, a Bay Vodka Collins, and food, like gnocchi a la Old Bay Vodka and Eastern Shore Drunken Shrimp.

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