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Oh Baby! Six New Additions To WJZ Family In 2020 Give Station A Reason To Smile

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Oh, baby! Meet the six newest members of the WJZ family!

Anchor Rick Ritter is a proud girl dad; his wife Nikki said he's already wrapped around Savannah's little finger.

"He will do anything for her," Nikki said. "He grabs her from me if she's crying. I got her! I got her!"

"It's an absolute blessing," Rick said. "She's the best thing that's ever happened to us."

Executive producer Miranda Villei Stepp said her new daughter Emerson has a great sense of fashion. Big brother Rick adores his baby sister.

Reporter Sean Streicher and his wife Maxine welcomed son Macklin in September. Now he's smiling, laughing and communicating.

"It's so funny because I can tell now sometimes when I look at him, I know what he wants by the way he's looking at me," Sean said. "And it's just like, 'How did that happen?'"


Director Rich Nodonly said his son John is starting to roll over and now sleeps six to eight hours per night.

Reporter Paul Gessler has traded live shots for tummy time and diaper duty with daughter Camille.

He and his wife Kristin waited until she was born to learn the baby's sex.

"When we found out that she was a girl, that moment during the delivery was honestly one of the best of my life," Kristin said.

"Yeah, nothing tops it," Paul added.

"It was amazing," Kristin concurred.

Editor Gabe Greene got a big surprise when Stella arrived much earlier than expected, but she's getting stronger every day.

It looks like WJZ may need to add a daycare at the station, Rick said.

"(I'm) looking forward to getting all these babies together once everything's settled down a little bit," Paul said.

The baby boom has given the station a reason to smile amid a difficult year.

"It's just given us something to be grateful for, to be thankful for and to really look forward to during this pandemic leading up to the birth of each child," Rick said. "It's been a positive light during unprecedented times."

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