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Officials warn of possible gale-force winds along Eastern Shore caused by Hurricane Ian

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BALTIMORE - Maryland and the Eastern Shore could be impacted by remnants of Hurricane Ian as the storms moves up from the South.

While the track of the storm moves away from Maryland, the state is still likely to get light to moderate rainfall.

However, the Maryland coast, and especially the surf, is going to be affected the most.

Gov. Larry Hogan said the state is continuing to monitor the storm.

The storm could bring rainfall Friday night through Sunday, and potentially inland flooding and flash flooding, the Maryland Department of Emergency Management said.

The agency warns of gale-force winds through Monday, mainly for ocean beaches and south of Drum Point/Cobb Point, Maryland, on the Chesapeake/Potomac.

There will also be a risk of inland flooding and flash flooding throughout Maryland. 

"Be careful around standing water, particularly while driving," the Maryland Department of Emergency Management warns. "It can be difficult to tell how deep it is at first glance. Flash flooding can be quick and dangerous. If you receive a flood watch, warning, or suspect flooding is happening, immediately head to higher ground."

Hurricane Ian is expected to make landfall as a Category 4 along the western coast of Florida on Wednesday with sustained wind gusts of 155 mph. 

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