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Officials Still Working On Baltimore City's Primary Election Audit

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Elections officials look for answers to discrepancies that forced the state Board of Elections to reject Baltimore City's primary results.

Political reporter Pat Warren has the latest on their progress.

The review is taking place in the voting machine warehouse and was closed to the public Monday, but examiners are looking at the possibility that numbers are off because ballots that should have been set aside were included in the regular vote count.

The election investigation is on. A team of city, state and county canvassers are determining why the numbers of voters who checked in and the number of ballots counted don't add up.

Election officials suspect that in some precincts, provisional ballots were mistakenly scanned and included in the precinct's vote count. Provisional ballots are given to voters whose names aren't listed in the precinct registers. Those ballots are supposed to be set aside and counted only after it is verified that the person is a registered voter.

Because voters whose names aren't on the list can't be checked in, that could explain why there were more votes counted than voters. That hasn't been confirmed yet.

Elections administrator Linda Lamone tells WJZ they expect to have more to say on Tuesday.

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