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'No Show Class' Cover-Up At UNC

A story is quietly percolating about possible academic fraud at The University of North Carolina that stretches back to the late 1990's.  It starts with the transcripts of Julius Peppers who now plays for the Bears.  The investigation started with a Tweet by Miles Austin (now with Cowboys) and winds all the way to Charm City.

Even though the NCAA has not really taken an interest in the controversy, Dan Kane of the Raleigh News-Observer revealed to The Norris & Davis Show that  UNC was complicit.  'So far the evidence out there shows that you had the department head of the African Studies department at North Carolina who was creating classes where the students who got into them never had to meet.  There was no class time.  No classrooms,' according to Kane.

There was a high percentage of athletes enrolled in those classes.  However, in 2 classes there was only ONE student enrolled in each. One was an 'Intermediate Swahili' class.  'Picture this: you've got a class in which you are supposed to be speaking and writing Swahili and you are the only student.  There is no class.  And you write a paper which is probably in English.'  When asked by Ed Norris is there was an 'introductory' class, Kane responded to laughter, 'If I recollect right there was no prerequisite to get into the intermediate class.'

Listen to the entire eye-opening interview here:


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