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New video shows up-close view of remaining Key Bridge collapse on the Dali

Efforts to refloat cargo ship from Key Bridge collapse site delayed
Efforts to refloat cargo ship from Key Bridge collapse site delayed 00:44

BALTIMORE - A new video shared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows a large chunk of the Francis Scott Key Bridge still on top of the Dali, the cargo ship that caused the March collapse.

Progress is being made but there is still a large chunk of the Beltway sitting on the vessel, along with crushed shipping containers and the extensive damage.

Video shows view Key Bridge collapse on Dali 00:30

The video shows massive cut pieces of the old Key Bridge on a salvage barge.

The Unified Command says they are pushing back the attempts to refloat unified command tells us they're pushing back the expected attempts to refloat the cargo ship and fully reopen the Fort McHenry channel.

Crews say they have evaluated sonar and laser beam images, but they want results from a dive survey before moving ahead.

Once the Dali is refloated, it will be moved back to the Port of Baltimore.

Unified Command is still aiming to have a 50-foot deep and 700-foot wide channel open by the end of the month.

The removal of a 4,000-ton piece of the Key Bridge collapse from the Dali cargo ship using explosives unfolded successfully Monday evening and is a critical piece of the recovery. 

Cuts were made in the steel where explosives were placed and then were covered with what looked like heavy-duty tape. The small explosives were detonated within seconds of each other, sounding like fireworks.

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