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New Simulation Allows Teen Motorists To Experience Driving Drunk

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Some sobering statistics: Every day in the U.S., about seven teenagers die in car crashes. Many times, alcohol is involved.

As Meghan McCorkell reports, an American automaker is giving kids the chance to experience what it's like to drive under the influence.

Ford is trying to prevent teens from drinking and driving in the U.S. and Europe by showing kids how it feels to drive drunk.

Ford is offering classes that let kids drive with a pair of goggles that blurs their vision. Teens try them on and try to navigate a driving course.

Statistics show teens are 17 times more likely to die in a car accident when intoxicated.

"Newly licensed drivers, teens shouldn't be drinking. But reality is, they do," said Ford Skills For Life program manager Jim Graham.

There's also a sobriety test that has kids wear a so-called "drunk suit," using bands and weights to restrict movement, making every step difficult.

McKenzie Koester recently went through the program.

"It's a good eye-opener for a lot of people," Koester said.

After seeing the effects alcohol can have, Koester and other kids in the class signed a pledge to not drink and drive.

Ford also gives classes that simulate distracted driving, showing kids the dangers of driving while texting.

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