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Poll: Nearly Half Of Marylanders Would Rather Move Somewhere Else

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Do you want out of the state of Maryland? A new poll shows nearly half of Marylanders say they are fed up and ready to pack up if only they could.

Meghan McCorkell explains what has so many thinking about leaving.

In a poll of all 50 states, Maryland ranks third for people who say they would rather move somewhere else.

We've got the beach, the mountains, the O's and Natty Boh, but some say they're ready to break up with Maryland.

According to a new Gallup poll, 47 percent of Marylanders say they would move out of the state if they could. Only 17 percent are likely to leave.

The top reasons people want out--work or business.

"I think there's better opportunity elsewhere," one man said.

Other reasons are family and friends, plus the weather, which is not surprising after last winter.

"I just wish summer would be here," a man shoveling snow said.

And, of course, there are taxes.

"Everybody's paying more fees, more taxes, and I think, at some point, people get tired of it," said Rep. Andy Harris, (R) Maryland.

Congressman Harris says he understands the frustrations.

"Look, in the last eight years we've had 40 tax increases. They even tax the rain," he said. "People in Congress ask me from other states, 'Do you really tax the rain in Maryland?'"

Some people in Western Maryland have even started a petition to break away from Maryland and form their own state.

Members of the Western Maryland State Initiative say the state is broken and lawmakers aren't hearing them.

"The attitude is sit down, shut up, we don't care what you think," said Suzanne Olden, Western Maryland State Initiative.

"We are enslaved to this government in Maryland that we want nothing to do with," another man said.

Others say they're staying put.

"Never happen. No, no, no. I am here forever," one woman said.

"I love the grit and the diversity that it has to offer," said another.

They plan to call Maryland home for a long time.

According to the poll, the only two states people want out of more are Illinois and Connecticut.

The top three states where people want to stay put are Montana, Hawaii and Maine.

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