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New Maryland Science Center Exhibit Goes Inside The Human Body

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The Maryland Science Center's newest 12,000-square-foot exhibit provides 35 hands-on activities and sensory experiences presenting educational information about how the human body reacts and adapts.

You-The Inside Story provides visitors with tests and challenges showing how their body calibrates to their environment, while also providing inquisitive questions for guests to reflect on, according to a press release from the Maryland Science Center.

"In designing You - The Inside Story, our emphasis was on hands-on collaborative learning that gets everyone from field trippers to grandparents asking questions and uncovering answers," said Mark J. Potter, President and CEO of the Maryland Science Center. "Visitors learn scientific concepts through sensory experience rather than being told or shown on a screen. You'll see, hear, and feel for yourself how your body reacts and adapts to different stimuli. Guests will work together and be pitted against each other to learn together. This is exciting informal science education that elevates heart rates and generates big laughs. Nothing is remote or passive."

The Science Center's Scientific Council and Maryland STEM teachers provided input for the creation of the exhibit that aligns with the Maryland State Education Standards, reported the release.

The exhibit, supported by a $1 million grant from the State of Maryland, is sponsored by Johns Hopkins Medicine.

"As a boy, I was always interested in math and science. For students, these experiences could lead to a lifelong love of science or perhaps even a career at Johns Hopkins Medicine," said Dr. Paul B. Rothman, dean of the Medical Faculty for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine. "We are honored to be the presenting sponsor of this exhibit, providing critical support for informal STEM education."

Pursuing knowledge can lead to extraordinary discoveries and fulfill the human need to understand ourselves and the world, said Kevin Sowers, M.S.N., R.N., F.A.A.N., president of the Johns Hopkins Health System and executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

"We want kids to be excited about science and to experience that learning can be fun and informative," Sowers said.

You - The Inside Story joins "Math in Nature" and "Science Aglow" as the third permanent exhibit at the Science Center in the last three years.

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