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New Charging Documents Reveal Gruesome Details In Murder Of Infant

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- The details in the murder of 8-month-old Reese Bowman are only getting worse.

The baby was assaulted and killed during nap time at her Baltimore daycare Tuesday, just blocks from Little Italy.

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Police say Leah Walden was constantly looking around as she tortured the baby. She smothered her and slammed her in her crib.

"We're just heartbroken right now and I don't have any comments right now," says a member of the family who owns Rocket Tiers Learning Center.

[Reporter: Did you guys have any idea that something like this was taking place?]

"Absolutely not, never in a million years would we have thought," says the family member.

The story has rocked all of Baltimore, 23-year-old Walden, a caretaker at the center is accused of "torturing the infant."

"What can an 8-month-old baby do to you, to make you want to do that?" says Calvin Anderson, who works at True Masters Barbershop across the street from daycare.

Walden told police she found Bowman unresponsive in her crib, but video footage from inside showed a different story.

New charging documents state it captured Walden in a room with the baby who was "clearly awake" and that she "pressed down on a pillow and blanket" over the baby's face."While the child kicked its legs" then "violently snatched the baby, slammed her down in the crib" and "violently shook her body."

"Reese Bowman in my opinion was tortured," says Col. Stanley Branford of Baltimore City Police.

Since the murder, Rocket Tiers has been shut down by the Maryland State Department of Education and placed under an emergency suspension.

Police say Walden, who worked at the daycare for more than two years, was the only one who had access to the child.

"We have no reason to believe at this time that there was anything else going on besides this particular incident," Col. Branford says.

Police say the daycare has been extremely cooperative.

The State Department of Education says the center cannot reopen unless the owners file an appeal and an administrative law judge approves it.

Walden is being held without bond.

Police don't believe there are other victims but are urging any parents with concerns to call the Child Abuse Center at 443-984-7378.

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