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Neighbors Losing Patience Where Plows Still Haven't Cleared Streets

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The dig out from the weekend snow storm continues across Maryland.

Derek Valcourt with the growing frustrations in some areas where plows still haven't cleared the streets.

What's making some people bitter is trying to understand why all of the streets around them have been plowed, but they're still stuck.

Along Millvale Road in the Millford Mill area of Baltimore County, neighbors are losing patience, knowing all the surrounding streets have been plowed.

"It's been four days and no one has come down our block yet," said Tony Redd.

"How'd you forget this one? That's amazing," said Humphrey Cash.

They're still waiting, despite repeated calls to the county.

"Well, we've probably never had this magnitude of snow before, but nevertheless, you still should have been in and done something in four or five days. Come on now," said Cash.

One of the concerns--as the snow melts during the day then refreezes at night, it's getting a lot heavier. Residents are worried the plows alone won't be able to move it.

From the county to the city, snow crews remain busy.

The mayor is thanking not just the plow drivers, but the mechanics, keeping the plow equipment operating.

But the complaints are still pouring in from places like Old Frederick Road, where Joseph Queen returned just from out of town.

"I came back here yesterday. My daughter was really pissed that she couldn't even drop me off in front of the house," said Queen.

"I figured this neighborhood would get a plow to come through at least once out of five days, and we haven't even seen a plow," said James Forman.

Many are trying to shovel themselves out, tired of waiting for help.

"I think it's inexcusable, to be honest," said Dante Vanstory.

City officials tell WJZ they expect to have all of the streets that haven't been plowed all cleared out by no later than Friday.

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