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NCAA Championship Gives Huge Boost To Md. Economy

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- After more than a decade, the University of Maryland men's lacrosse team made it to the NCAA championship game Monday. The game was played right here in Baltimore and brought out a big hometown crowd.

Kai Jackson caught up with fans who are holding their heads high.

The game is history and unfortunately the Terps didn't come out on top, yet for Baltimore and the state of Maryland this weekend of lacrosse was a big win.

Baltimore played host to the NCAA Lacrosse championship at M&T Bank Stadium and fans turned out in big numbers, bolstered by the appearance of the Terps team in the final game.

"It was heartbreaking. I'm a Terp and we fought hard. Tied it up 6-6 in the fourth. We should have had it. So we're really disappointed," said Terps fan, Jerry Dougherty.

The Terps didn't win the game, but they did gain championship experience. As for Baltimore and the state of Maryland, their victory was the bucks.

The Virginia Cavaliers may have won the game, but the battle for dollars goes to local businesses.

"Everybody benefits. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation. Maryland is the hot bed," said lacrosse coach, Lloyd Carter.

An estimated 100,000 fans spent $15-$18 million over the course of three days. Hotels, restaurants and bars turned a profit while the city of Baltimore and State of Maryland gained tax revenue.

"We have lacrosse in every high school in Baltimore City, so it means a lot. We have a lot of kids out here from the city watching the game," said City College lacrosse coach, Merc Ryan.

"We came in from Pennsylvania to watch this game and most of our family is here," said Dianne Price, from Harrisburg, Pa. 

Here's another bonus. The NCAA donated $15,000 to the Baltimore City Middle School Lacrosse League to help kids in our area play the game.

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