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Navy Yard Gunman's Doctor Before Rampage: 'No Problem There'

WASHINGTON (WJZ) -- There's disturbing new information about the government contractor who opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard, killing 12 people.

Medical files reveal doctors did not find any mental health issues.

Linh Bui has the latest developments.

Aaron Alexis lied so well to Veterans Affairs doctors, they concluded he had no mental health issues. But a few weeks later, Alexis opened fire inside Washington's Navy Yard, killing 12 people in September 2013.

Video shows Alexis with a sawed-off shotgun, hunting for victims before firing on workers from a balcony.

The shooting lasted more than an hour.

"There was 'boom, boom, boom.' Three more shots. The gunman was right above us on the fourth floor," said Bob Flynn, Navy Yard employee.

Alexis died in a gun battle with police. Now WJZ has new information from the doctors who treated him.

The Associated Press obtained more than 100 pages of confidential medical records. Doctors said Alexis denied having suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

A few weeks before the shooting, a doctor treating Alexis for insomnia wrote his thoughts seemed "clear and focused," adding "he works in the Defense Department, no problem there," describing his examination as "unremarkable."

But the FBI says Alexis was driven by delusions. His weapon had handwritten etchings that said "Better Off This Way" and "End To The Torment."

"There are multiple indicators that Alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or ELF electromagnetic waves," said Valerie Parlave, FBI.

Some lawmakers say Alexis fell through the cracks at the VA and should have been treated by mental health professionals.

The government does not usually disclose medical files. but decided the public interest in this mass killing outweighed any privacy rights.

Congress and the Pentagon are still investigating the Navy Yard shooting.

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