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National Aquarium's Animal Care and Rescue Center To Offer In-Person Tours

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The National Aquarium's Animal Care and Rescue Center is home to some of the facility's most special animals and in-person tours will resume later this year.

It's breakfast time at the animal care and rescue center and Tom Sawyer The Seal is getting a heap of Capelin Fish. He is one of the rehab residents at the Jonestown Facility. located half a mile from the main aquarium.

"When he first came in he had a really severe parasitic infection in his lungs," said Kate Shcaffer.

"All the animals that end up in the main aquarium start their journey here," said Ashleigh Clews.

In the quarantine room, animals like Tom get cared for on a temporary basis.

"Now quarantine does not mean the animals are sick. It just means the animals need some time to adjust to their new environment," said Clews. The goal is to release and get him back out in the wild.

However, for others like Duncan or Miss Piggy, they are here to stay.  "I like to say some of them are retired," said Clews.

Others like Sophie, just need some R&R. "It could just be that they're not getting along with their tank mates. They're individuals just like we are," said Clews

Kai was hit by a boat and just needs a helping hand. "Kai has an issue with her buoyancy. You can kind of see she hangs out at the surface so she is not able to be released," said Clews.

For those interested in meeting any of the animals, the animal rescue center offers virtual tours. In-person tours will begin later this year.

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