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National Aquarium Pledges To Reach Net-Zero Emissions By 2035

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The National Aquarium on Friday pledged to curb its greenhouse gas emissions, reaching net-zero by 2035, as part of its larger plan to combat climate change.

Along with greener operations, the aquarium's Conservation Action Plan includes initiatives to remove plastics and other litter from the Inner Harbor, restore wildlife habitats and provide educational programs on the ocean and climate science.

"Committing to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions is a necessary step in helping the National Aquarium fulfill its Conservation Action Plan," said Jennifer Driban, senior vice president and chief mission officer of the National Aquarium. "While the tasks ahead of us may seem daunting, the rewards -- including a cleaner, more sustainable ocean planet for future generations -- are worth the effort. As we celebrate Earth Day today, we are proud to share this announcement and will provide updates on our progress at, inviting the community to join us on this journey."

To conserve energy, the organization will use more renewable energy such as solar power, convert its fleet of vehicles to electric and invest in more energy conservation.

The nonprofit said it has already phased in renewable energy sources in recent years. Coupled with operational changes that were implemented in 2015 through a partnership with Constellation Energy, the aquarium has already reduced emissions by 31% since 2010. Renewables already account for 40% of the building's electricity usage, the organization said.

The aquarium has capped the use of carbon offsets to reduce its energy footprint at 10%.

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