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National Aquarium caring for 25 cold-stunned sea turtles from Massachusetts

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BALTIMORE -- The National Aquarium is caring for 25 cold-stunned sea turtles.

Cold-stunning is a phenomenon in which sea turtles experience medical issues after extended exposure to cold water.

The National Aquarium  Philip Smith

The National Aquarium Animal Rescue found the turtles on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts in November.

Twenty-six Kemp's Ridley and four green sea turtles were transported to the New England Aquarium's Animal Care Center to stabilize and rehabilitate with the assistance of National Aquarium Response and Rehabilitation team members 

They're now being treated at the National Aquarium for symptoms including pneumonia, dehydration, emaciation, various lesions and blood infections.

The turtles will be named after popular beach destinations, continuing the Aquarium's yearly tradition of choosing a naming theme for rescued sea turtles.

The National Aquarium  Philip Smith

In addition to the cold-stunned turtles, the Aquarium is taking care of Glockenspiel, a loggerhead sea turtle that was rescued in August and is being treated for pneumonia. Glockenspiel is being encouraged to learn natural foraging, the Aquarium said.  

Since 1991, The National Aquarium Animal Rescue has rescued and rehabilitated over 300 sea turtles.

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