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Nate Davis Doesn't Think Joey Bosa Is A Good Fit For The Ravens Defense

Nate Davis is a writer for the USA Today who covers the NFL.

Nate joined Ed and Steve to talk about the NFL Draft which starts tomorrow night in Chicago.

Nate started by talking about the Rams and Eagles trading up for one of the top two quarterbacks available in this draft saying "I understand it in the Rams case they've hovered around 500 for years now with a lot of good players on the roster...the Eagles less so, that was more of a shaky move."

Nate also talked about Jalen Ramsey and if the Cowboys will take him at #4 should he make it past the Chargers at #3 saying "I have Jalen Ramsey going to them but you can see them going in a number of different ways...I think he intersects between need and being the best player available."

Nate also talked about the fit of Joey Bosa and Shaq Lawson in the Ravens offense, and whether or not LaQuan Treadwell is comparable to Anquan Boldin.

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