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NASCAR's Darrell Waltrip Discusses If Racers Are Legitimate Athletes

Darrell Waltrip is an American motorsports analyst, author, national television broadcaster, and former racing driver. He is also a three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and a three-time NASCAR Cup Series runner-up.

Waltrip joined Jerry and Vinny this morning to chat about the NASCAR fan base, the debate of whether or not NASCAR drivers are athletes, concussions in the sport, and the way drivers fight these days.

Waltrip says racers are most definitely athletes and believes racing is very similar to football.  "Race teams do a lot of filming of video of the teams practicing, they analyze the film just like football. Racing is, in a lot of ways, like football. You have a crew chief, who is your head coach. The driver is the quarterback and the pit crew is like the line. You're not competing against not just one other team, you're competing against 39 other teams."

Tune in to hear the full interview below:



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