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Move Over! State Troopers Enforce Law After Several Near Death Accidents

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Move over! That's the message from Maryland State Police to motorists. Starting Monday, state troopers will be out enforcing the state's Move Over Law.

Rochelle Ritchie shows us the danger that comes with disobeying the law.

The Move Over Law went into effect three years ago, but still troopers are finding themselves in harm's way on the road.

A frightening video shows what happens when a Maryland state trooper is nearly killed because a driver fails to move over.

Maryland trooper David Avillo survived the horrific accident but was left with many complications.

"It doesn't seem like the light is at the end of the tunnel, but I am able to walk," Avillo said.

That was last year, but just this month another trooper, Jacqueline Kline, was hit by a driver who failed to move over as she walked along the shoulder to assist another officer in a traffic stop.

"She actually broke the rear windshield and hit that canine cage that was inside the car and fell into a ditch," said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police spokesman.

The Move Over Law took effect in 2010, and still officers' lives are threatened.

It's these near death experiences that have Maryland state troopers saying enough is enough.

"With these two incidents occurring, we think this is the time to make drivers aware of the necessity of this law," said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police.

On Monday, troopers will be extremely vigilant looking for drivers who fail to move for emergency vehicles with its lights activated.

Disobeying the Move Over Law will not only add points to your license but cost you between $150 and $750.

"If they are unable to move over, we are asking they slow down to a safe speed," Black said.

Special enforcement operations will be active all across the state, so drivers beware.

And just this month another trooper's vehicle was hit while he was issuing a citation. He was not injured.

The Move Over Initiative starts Monday.

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