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Motor Trend Show Gives Sneak Peek Into Newest Cars Of 2012

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- Get your motor running and head on down to the Convention Center!

Jessica Kartalija has a sneak peak inside this year's Motor Trend International car show.

Now rolling into the Baltimore Convention Center, it's the biggest show in town.

"We're hoping to get thousands of thousands of people down here this weekend to check out the new models," said Shelbi Okumura of the Motor Trend International Auto Show.

This year, they have everything-- from small and sporty, to classic luxury like the Cadillac to the newest and hottest cars to hit the road.

"We have a little of everything. Forty is the new 30 in terms of miles per gallon," Okumura said.

While some models are consumer-friendly...

"We have small economy cars consumers can check out, plug-in electric vehicles-- the Nissan Leaf has been a big hit," Okumura said.

...others break the bank, like the Acura featured in the movie "Ironman."

"We also have your luxury models from Lexus and Jaguar," Okumura said.

Some of the cars making their motor trend debut include the Chevy Sonic, Hyundai Veloster and Ford Focus.

The car show officially opens to the public Thursday and is in Baltimore until Sunday.

Tickets are $10 for adults and the event is free for children under six years of age.

For more information on the car show, click here.

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