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Mother, Police Plead For Leads In Murder Case Of Transgender Woman

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Looking for leads. A transgender woman is murdered in Baltimore. Nine months later, the victim's mother and police are issuing a new plea for help catching the killer.

Weijia Jiang has the story.

"If anyone knows anything would you please, come forward," said Sundra Trent.

Trent was heartbroken on Valentine's Day--the last day she saw her child alive.

"Some days I'm angry. Some days I'm very sad. Some days I just say I wish he hadn't went out the door that night," Trent said.

Six days later police found 25-year-old transgender woman Tyra Trent strangled to death, hidden in a vacant house on Baltimore's Virginia Avenue. Nine months later, detectives are out of leads.

"We know someone out there has some information on this case. Someone saw something. Someone heard something. We're really asking for the public's help," said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police.

Trent says her son ran into trouble in the past because the way he lived his life, but she's not sure if his transgender had anything to do with his murder.

"He had his problems like we all do, but he had a really good heart. Yes, he did," Trent said.

Court records show Trent, whose legal name is Anthony Trent, had been charged dozens of times for loitering, prostitution and drugs.  But he was trying to earn a GED and go to nursing school.

It's the second time Mrs.Trent has buried a child. Tyra's older brother died three years ago.

Now Trent wants the person who killed her baby to pay for it.

"You took the only thing I had left, you know? The only thing I had left," she said.

Mrs. Trent says she's not sure where Tyra was going the night she left home for the last time. Police have not worked out a motive.

Police urge anyone who has information to let them know. Tips can remain anonymous.

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