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Monday's Storms Cause Damage In Maryland Community

NORTH EAST, Md. (WJZ) -- Trees snapped like twigs after a storm system roared through Cecil County. Some say it sounded like a tornado. Hundreds of people are still in the dark.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the damage left behind.

That storm tore through Cecil County Monday afternoon. Now, more than 1,400 people are still without power.

Trees are uprooted and branches are everywhere. Once a well-manicured front lawn at a home along Hillcrest Lane in North East now looks like a war zone.

"All the trees in my yard were flailing back and forth so it was pretty scary at the time," said April Conway.

The powerful storm pushed through the neighborhood, snapping trees and bringing down power lines.

"I heard, like I said, what sounded like a freight train and a helicopter together," said Sara Porter.

She was in her bedroom and tried to run for the basement as the storm came through, but it moved so fast she never made it underground.

"I had my windows open and started hearing things just crack, boom, crack," Porter said.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 was over the damage Porter was hearing just up the street.

"There's about a dozen trees we counted that have received serious damage: the tops ripped off, some missing branches," said Captain Jeff Long.

You can see exactly where the storm came through. Tree after tree was down in a yard--all in a straight line.

While no houses were hit, the damage has been heartbreaking for some.

"These people here planted these trees when they first moved in here 50 years ago and they're kind of shattered about what happened," said Tim Cyran.

Now the cleanup is starting as neighbors continue to wonder what kind of storm hit here.

There's no word if the National Weather Service will be investigating the Cecil County storm.

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