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Morgan State University Sued Over Attack By Confessed Cannibal

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Morgan State University is hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving the student who admitted to killing and eating his roommate.

Another Morgan student claims the school should have known the young man was dangerous.

Monique Griego has more on this developing story.

The student filing the lawsuit was attacked on campus just days before the murder. He now claims the university ignored warning signs and didn't do enough to protect students.

Last May, police say Alexander Kinyua, 21, killed his roommate at his family's home in Harford County and then ate the victim's heart and brain. At the time, Kinyua was being expelled from Morgan State University for beating another student with a bat wrapped in barbed wire.

The victim--Joshua Ceasar--is now blind in one eye.

"He dragged Josh into a back room, pulled out a knife and was ready to cut him open and do to Josh what he did to the next victim," Ceasar's attorney Steve Silverman said.

Silverman filed a lawsuit Thursday against the university, claiming it knew Kinyua was dangerous but did nothing to stop him.

According to court documents, in December 2011 Kinyua was kicked out of ROTC for punching a wall and went on to have several violent and bizarre outbursts.

"He was walking around campus half-naked with a samurai sword, he was talking about human sacrifices," Silverman said.

Last December, Kinyua pleaded guilty in attempted murder for the beating but was found not criminally responsible because of his mental health. After the hearing, WJZ spoke with Ceasar.

"Seeing him, it hurt my heart and I was sickened," he said.

WJZ contacted Morgan State and were told it is university policy not to comment on matters involving litigation.

"Clearly, Kinyua was a foreseeable danger to the community and this would have never happened had they taken action," said Silverman.

Kinyua's father is a professor at Morgan State University, and Silverman claims that's why the university failed to take action. He is seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Kinyua was sentenced to a state mental hospital. He has yet to stand trial for the alleged murder or cannibalism. He was found unfit to stand trial.

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