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MLB Network's Robert Flores Says Orioles 'Need To Rebuild'

MLB Network host Robert Flores joined Vinny and Terry and said the Orioles need to go through a complete rebuild.

Flores said, "The starting pitching is bad, and here is more bad news for the Orioles and their fans. They are in what I think is the worst position right now in baseball, they aren't a very good team and they're not a terrible team. They're just kind of in the middle.  This is a team that needs a rebuild. I think they should seriously consider trading Zach Britton and Manny Machado for starters. But if you're going to make those kind of moves, then the organization has to be on the same page. they have to have the same philosophy and the decision making process has to be on point. and it's common knowledge that Showalter and Duqeutte don't always see eye to eye. So I don't know the faith that this organization as it's currently constructed, can make those big moves that I think are required for them to move forward."

He went on to say the Orioles need to aim to build up their pitching staff and farm system. He also said the Orioles have had a good run, but they can't keep doing the same plan.

Flores also talked about the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game.

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