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Mistrial Declared On Murder Charges Of Teen Accused Of Killing Popular Canton Bartender

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A mistrial has been declared on the murder charges in the ongoing case of a teen accused of killing popular Canton bartender Sebastian Dvorak in 2017.

The judge also declared a mistrial on gang-related and robbery charges. This comes after two weeks of trial and four full days of deliberations.

Malik Mungo, 19, was accused of robbing and murdering Dvorak on Boston Street after Dvorak had finished celebrating his 27th birthday in November of 2017.

Attorneys argued that Mungo, 16 at the time of the murder, was a known member of a dangerous gang. Mungo's defense said he was not the person who pulled the trigger that night.

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The Dvorak family attended every day of the trial. David Dvorak, Sebastian Dvorak's father, said that they will continue to fight for justice for their son.

"My main feeling is utter disappointment right now," David Dvorak said. "It's not over, the attorney general has fully indicated he's going to bring up the murder and gang charges again. We will be here every day until our state says, 'This and wrong, and this shouldn't have happened.'"

Mungo's attorney said that this ruling does not bring relief for his client who will likely be back in a courtroom.

"There's no relief because the major charges are unresolved," Defense Attorney Mark Van Bavel said. "First-degree murder, the gang charges, all those charges are unresolved and those are the major charges."

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